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Book Feature: Flat Broke with Two Goats

McGaha hopes the book will resonate with many readers—“homesteaders and those interested in homesteading, people interested in Appalachian culture and other people who have gone through trying times and have had to start from scratch, to reenvision their lives.

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The Beauty of Winter Weeds

Get to know our native plants and weeds, and you will appreciate their beauty even more. Decorating with nature can become a wonderful hobby and you will begin watching for interesting shapes, textures and colors throughout the year.

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The Laurel of Asheville lifestyle magazineThe Laurel of Asheville lifestyle magazine is available in both print and digital editions

We are delighted you have chosen us to be your gateway—both through our popular print Asheville lifestyle magazine and our website—to the arts, culture, and communities that comprise the remarkable area that is Western North Carolina. In these pages, you will find behind-the-scenes stories about the region’s concerts, theatre and dance productions, festivals, restaurants, artists, and the multitude of locally-based businesses. We also enjoy bringing you features about the people and organizations who are caring for those in need, protecting our historic heritage, preserving our rich and diverse environment, and nurturing our cultural soul.