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Jerry Johnson


Frances Figart Editor The Laurel of Asheville

Frances Figart


Amy Pyor

Amy Pryor

Art Director

Carolyn Kovash, Director of Sales

Carolyn Kovash

Director of Sales

Jane Maurer

Account Executive

Marlene Gentry

Marlene Gentry

Account Executive

Gina Malone Associate Editor

Gina Malone

Associate Editor

Joye Ardyn Durham, Laurel of Asheville Photo Editor

Joye Ardyn Durham

Photo Editor

Crystal Pressley

Crystal Pressley

Account Executive

Adrianne Del Toro

Adrianne Del Toro

Account Executive

Sara Hall Graphic Design Assistant

Sara Hall

Graphic Design Assistant

April Ingle Laurel of Asheville Office Manager

April Ingle

Office Manager

Belle Crawford, Social Media Manager

Belle Crawford

Social Media Manager

Scott Hove Web Manager

Scott Hove

Web Manager