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Richard Bernabe Discusses Travel and Photography

Richard Bernabe

The Carolinas’ Nature Photographers Association- Asheville Region (CNPA-AVL) invites both amateur and professional photographers to attend Earth and Light Travelogue: Traveling the World as a Wildlife and Nature Photographer, a presentation by internationally acclaimed photographer, author and educator Richard Bernabe. The presentation will take place at CNPA-AVL’s monthly meeting on Sunday, January 14, from 6–8 p.m., in the Manheimer Room at UNC Asheville’s Reuter Center. Visitors are welcome and there is no charge to attend. “It is often challenging to be a productive, creative artist while navigating the obstacles of exhaustion, being away from home and dealing with strange cultures and languages,” says Bernabe. “My talk will cover both travel and photography and will offer insight into how best to marry the two. I will also discuss how some of my widely published photos were made.”

Bernabe, who was raised in New Jersey, relocated to the southeastern US at a young age and graduated from UNC with a degree in economics. His work has appeared in media for organizations including CNN, BBC, The National Geographic Society, The Sierra Club, Popular Photography and numerous national parks. Canon, Patagonia, REI and American Express are among his corporate clients. He has authored numerous books including The Great Smoky Mountains: Behind the Lens. In years past, Bernabe taught photography workshops at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College and at UNC Asheville. More recently, he has lectured and taught worldwide and has traveled extensively, leading photography tours and conducting photo shoots. With more than a million followers on social media, he has become a global influencer in the fields of photography, travel and wildlife conservation.

“Richard got his start teaching and speaking locally and leading field trips for CNPA-AVL,” says CNPAAVL co-coordinator Susanna Euston. “His growth as a photographer and as a workshop leader on the global stage is an inspiration.”

Bernabe, who is self-taught, started with a Pentax K1000 film camera, but now shoots digitally and relies on Lightroom and Photoshop programs for post-processing. His current focus is on African wildlife conservation and Earth’s endangered species. Having recently returned from an extensive trip to Antarctica, Bernabe will have plenty to discuss upon his return to Asheville. “I love sharing my insight into photography and bringing the world to people who might never get to see and experience these places in person,” says Bernabe.

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