Book Feature: Carolina Belle

Carolina Belle by Rose Senehi

Carolina Belle

Author, Rose Senehi

By Gina Malone

Rose Senehi finds all the plots she needs right in her own backyard. A resident of Chimney Rock, she has used as settings Hickory Nut Gorge, the Green River Valley and, with her latest book—Carolina Belle—the apple orchards of Henderson County.

Research helps her authenticate her books and, for Carolina Belle, that meant getting a taste of an apple farmer’s life. “I worked Tuesdays for six months at the Agricultural Extension’s Experimental Orchard,” she says. “No matter how much you study agronomy, nothing beats the actual doing of it—pruning, de-budding, picking.”

Her loyal readers, Senehi believes, get a thrill from reading about places they recognize. “Even though I fold the history of the region into all my novels, there has to be a great plot.”

This story centers around Belle McKenzie, a young botanist with a penchant for antique apple trees and an obsession for creating the “billion dollar” apple. A love interest and other suspenseful twists add to the intrigue.

This month and the next find Senehi on a three-state tour with her book. After that, she has plans to settle down and write another novel, this one set in the Bat Cave area of Henderson County.

Carolina Belle, fiction, 2017, softcover, $15.95, published by K.I.M. Publishing, LLC, Chimney Rock, North Carolina.

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