Book Feature: A Life for a Life

Book Feature: A Life for a Life

Author, Lynda McDaniel

By Gina Malone

Author Lynda McDaniel credits time spent in North Carolina with shaping the person she became. “Everything I enjoy doing today, some 30 years later,” she says, “got its start in the mountains of North Carolina, from hiking and wildflowers to bluegrass music and organic gardening.”

She now lives in California, but when it came time to write her first novel, she traveled back in her mind to some of the places she knows best—Boone, Linville Falls, the Pisgah Inn and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

A Life for a Life tells the story of murder in the mountains. Della Kincaid, a former Washington, D.C. reporter who lives in the fictional town of Laurel Falls, involves herself in uncovering the truth about a young woman’s death.

“My stories are character-driven,” McDaniel says. “sharing the foibles and triumphs of everyday people.” She plans an Appalachian Mysteries trilogy and is now at work on the second book, The Roads to Damascus, which will be out in late fall.

“I’m writing this trilogy,” she says, “in large part, to pay homage to the generous people of Appalachia who taught me so much.”

A Life for a Life, September, 2016, fiction, paperback, $11.95, e-book $3.99, by Lynda McDaniel, and published by Lynda McDaniel Books, California.

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