Gabriel’s Songbook

Gabriel’s Songbook by Author Michael Amos Cody

Michael Amos Cody, Author

Michael Cody began singing in a band in the 1970s while still in high school in Madison County. The White Water Band played local events and traveled as far east as Myrtle Beach, SC, and as far west as Chattanooga, TN. Spending his formative years in the village of Walnut, writing songs, studying the music business and, eventually, earning his PhD in English lay the groundwork for his first novel. “All of these experiences, and more,” he says, “serve as the bones of Gabriel’s Songbook.”

A coming-of-age story, the novel brings to life a young singer-songwriter trying to break into the country music scene. Cody knows that world well, having worked as a songwriter in Nashville in the 1980s. Glen Campbell, Gary Morris and Margaret Becker are some of the performers who have recorded his songs.

For the book’s setting, he recreated the defunct Madison County town of Runion, a sawmill settlement on the French Broad River in the early 20th century that, after a series of catastrophes and misfortunes, was abandoned. “I decided to recreate Runion as what Faulkner referred to as ‘my own little postage stamp of native soil,’” Cody says. “My Runion is a blend of Madison County’s Marshall and Mars Hill.”

Gabriel’s Songbook will appeal to a wide variety of readers, he says, including those interested in Appalachian settings, music and culture; the music business and songwriting; and love stories.

Gabriel’s Songbook, December, 2017, fiction, softcover, $17.95, by Michael Amos Cody, and published by Pisgah Press, Asheville, NC. To learn more, visit

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  • My review on Amazon:

    This is the best book I’ve read in several years. The story is compelling and touching. It was hard to put it down the three nights it took to read it. Not only is it a great story, but the writing is brilliant. One of my favorite, though little known, authors is Robert McCammon and one reason is that his prose is magical. I got the same feeling with Michael Cody’s storytelling. The wordsmithing itself is just incredibly good.

    Are you a songwriter or an author? Or do you just love music and/or great literature? Have you ever aspired to be successful as a musician? Or have you wondered why some people “make it” and some don’t? Have you ever played in an original or cover band? Have you ever been involved in any way with the music industry, with managers, promoters, promisers, game players….? If so, you will LOVE this book.

    I wish I could write as well as the author so that i could better express how much I enjoyed this book. This is a MUST read for anyone who has ever been involved in or infatuated by drama that is the music industry.

    P.S. And wait until you meet the Turrenok brothers in Chapter 13.

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