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Sculptor Bernie Segal Hosts Final Asheville Show

Sculptor Bernie Segal Hosts Final Asheville Show

Blade, Colorado Alabaster sculpture. Photo by Toby Maurer

By Alane Mason

With more than 40 years’ experience working with stone and clay, Bernie Segal is a master at transforming seemingly common materials into exquisite works of art. Segal will hold his final Asheville showing Saturday and Sunday, March 4 and 5, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at his Asheville studio.

Each piece available for purchase is an original work of art, created with the personality of each individual stone in mind. The results are unique explorations of texture and form, with stone mimicking the tender curve of the human form or bronze evoking emotion through the texture alone.

“My aim is to approach each stone with respect for its unique qualities and to bring to each sculpture my understanding and appreciation of form, my sensitivity to the emotional potential, and my willingness to explore and expose both myself and the stone in the process,” says Segal.

Segal’s sculptures and pottery have been shown and sold across the United States and Europe, with exhibits in San Francisco, New York, Miami, Sante Fe, Seattle, Asheville and, most recently, Hong Kong.

In addition to skill, patience and creativity, working with massive stones requires strength. At 84, Segal is no longer able to work in this demanding medium, though he is continuing to work in pottery. Therefore, these sculptures are the last of their kind. Visit his final Asheville showing to buy one of your very own Bernie Segal sculptures, or to simply witness their beauty before he embarks on his next adventure—moving to Vancouver, WA.

This is a free event located at 40 East Street, Asheville. For more information about the show and Bernie Segal, visit or call 828.277.7476.

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  • BRAVO! Brilliant artwork! You capture the heart, and soul of each of the beautiful stones with such mastery, sensitivity, and passion! ~ Thank you Bernie, for being one of my most essential mentors in sculpture, and in life, at a very crucial time in my development as an artist, and human being. Thanks to your faith in my creative potential, I knew I could be unlimited in the scope of endeavors, and artistic challenges. Best wishes on your next adventures! Thank you!

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