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Moscow Meets Manhattan at Diana Wortham Theatre

Moscow Meets Manhattan at Diana Wortham Theatre

Musicians Brian Gurl and Katherine Alexandra bring their dueling pianos to Diana Wortham Theatre’s stage on Saturday, August 26, at 7:30 p.m. Titled Moscow Meets Manhattan—Dueling Pianos Plus, the show features energetic and masterful piano performances from favorite genres such as jazz, Americana, Gypsy folk songs, Broadway tunes and classical music.

Gurl says that his search for a female vocalist who could also play keyboard parts for a touring show titled Back to Barry, Billy and The Beatles led him to Alexandra, an award-winning musician who trained in Spain and her native Russia. “One of the numbers I arranged for the show,” Gurl says, “was a Billy Joel song, Root Beer Rag, that we played on one piano together. We pushed each other off the bench and ran around, coming back and trying to top each other. It was a hit!”

They began working together as a team and today use two pianos in their show. “Our dueling pianos act was born,” Gurl says, “just over two years ago. Today we include both one- and two-piano pieces and also still perform separate pieces in the production, showcasing our individual talents, as well as vocals and me playing my second favorite instrument—the melodica.”

The two bring “a diversity of music and musical styles, a lot of unique and innovative arrangements and… high energy” to audiences. “So, is it a serious artistic performance?” Gurl asks. “Yes. Is it entertainment, and fun? Yes. Is it multi-genre? Yes. It’s a fusion of all three. And that’s the ingredient that makes us so unique.”

To learn more or to reserve tickets, visit or call 828.257.4530. Tickets range from $25-$35. For more about the performers, visit

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