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Pan Harmonia Presents Husband and Wife Duo: Demeler

Pan Harmonia Presents Husband and Wife Duo: Demeler

Rachel Hansbury and Andy Jurik. Photo by Sandlin Gather

In the midst of winter, Pan Harmonia offers a Sunday afternoon concert, All Kinds of Beautiful, Sunday, February 5, beginning at 4 p.m. in a cozy North Asheville bungalow. This show features Demeler, a duo made up of guitarist Andy Jurik and vocalist Rachel Hansbury, who were recently married in Asheville.

With accompaniment by flutist Kate Steinbeck and bassoonist Rosalind Buda of Pan Harmonia, the program will borrow from classical and folk traditions, offer genre-bending classical compositions and jazz standards re-imagined, and include songs from Scotland, Australia, South Africa and Brazil. The duo’s sound—a perfect fit for café and salon-type venues—is a magic blend created by Hansbury’s vocal prowess in a diverse range of styles combined with Jurik’s gift for arranging music.

“We’re really excited to be performing on this concert with Kate and Rosalind,” says Jurik. “We love the fact that Pan Harmonia sees chamber music as a communal event, sort of a conversation between performers from piece to piece. Likewise, we’ve always valued the vibe of house concerts for their intimate and immersive nature.”

Seating for this intimate event is limited to 30. Tickets are $25 plus tax, which includes mulled wine and treats, and are only sold in advance. Purchase online from Pan Harmonia.

Learn more and purchase tickets at The venue address will be sent upon receipt of ticket payment. Learn more about Demeler at

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