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Kathryn Phillips

Asheville Artist Kathryn Phillips

Kathryn Phillips

Kathryn Phillips, a watercolor artist from the Mississippi Delta, enjoys finding beauty in the ordinary. “No matter what the subject may be, I approach it the same way,” she says. “I create compositions based on shapes and their relationships.”

Phillips’ work demonstrates her ability to capture beauty in both traditional and unexpected places. From botanicals to bedsprings to her whimsical arrangements of machinery in her Contraption Series, she shares her unique perspective of the familiar. Her contraptions, especially, create an interesting balance of both function and fantasy, juxtaposing various parts of distillery or farm equipment in order to create a joyful structure.

“My art transports me to a place of creative focus and allows me to express my individuality,” Phillips says. “As I work, how I proceed becomes more important than the original subject. This allows me to bring my subjects to life in a new way.” Her work may be found at NorthLight Studios.

NorthLight Studios is located at 357 Depot Street in Asheville’s River Arts District. To learn more, visit or contact her at

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