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A Moment’s Notice by Sue Wasserman

A Moment’s Notice Nature Photography by Sue Wasserman

By Gina Malone

Sue Wasserman’s latest book, A Moment’s Notice, invites readers along as she hikes, camera in hand, along trails in Western North Carolina. A freelance writer and nature photographer, Wasserman shares the lessons that exploration affords her.

“Nature has given me a gift of noticing,” she writes, “one that helps me feel more connected to the earth, one that helps me better understand the precious fragility of life.”

Insightful essays and captivating photographs give readers a sense of natural wonder and beauty as Wasserman experiences them. Wildflowers, butterflies and light reflected on water are some of the discoveries she makes with her “internal GPS,” finding in them lessons in understanding. “It’s taken a little coaching,” she writes, “but what I’m learning is that the more I explore Nature’s gifts, the more I begin to see my own.”

Wasserman, who lives in Asheville, says that she keeps a nature journal, though not faithfully, and pulled from her notes in writing this book. Her first book was Walk with Me: Exploring Nature’s Wisdom.

“I honestly believe there’s no such thing as a bad trail,” Wasserman says. “Several of my favorite go-to trails, from a wildflower perspective, are Craven Gap, Bull Gap and Rattlesnake Lodge.”

She compares time spent in nature to the enjoyment of fine art. “I think it’s the breath we forget to take, the smile we forgot was hiding inside. Nature offers perspective, the sense of wonder that got lost along the way.”

Her next book, she says, will be based on her experiences as a “critter sitter” of dogs, cats, goats and donkeys.

A Moment’s Notice, photographs/essays, 2016, softcover, $19.95, by Sue Wasserman

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