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C.W. Moose Trading Company

C.W. Moose Trading Company

Robert Hope

Robert Hope bought C.W. Moose Trading Company this spring while relocating to Black Mountain. He grew up in nearby Montreat and graduated from Warren Wilson College before beginning a career in the steel industry and later managing a shipyard in Charleston for 25 years.

“I knew I wanted to be in retail at this exact store as soon as I walked into it and realized I could find something as simple as a good Tilley hat or an easy pair of shoes,” he says. “What attracted me to the store is the central location in the heart of Black Mountain and the genuine, friendly and fun interaction with the customers.”

Like the town around it, Hope says, the store known for its light-hearted, cabin/mountain/bear/moose motif products has evolved and grown. “It started selling leather goods and jewelry, then added Black Mountain labeled apparel and small products during the recession, and we are now growing and stretching into the fun side of mountain life.”

C.W. Moose Trading is located at 111 West State Street in Black Mountain. For information about products and a glimpse into the store’s special brand of humor, visit

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