Shop Talk: Aspire Training & Development

Bronwen Talley-Coffey

Aspire Training & Development, a new venture in Waynesville, seeks to train and motivate on several levels. “We provide life coaching for individuals, business training and sales coaching as well,” says owner and certified training coach Bronwen Talley-Coffey.

She coaches youth as well as adults, with individual sessions starting at $30 after a free one-hour consultation.

Business training may involve working with companies to find common ground between management and employees or training home-based entrepreneurs who need help with sales techniques.

Talley-Coffey offers keynote and motivational speaking to groups as well as workshops. A website calendar provides a schedule and registration information about upcoming events.

“If you don’t believe in yourself,” she says, “no one else will either.”

Aspire Training & Development is located at 168 South Main Street in Waynesville. To learn more, visit or call 828.246.0956.

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