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Color Me Goodwill Fashion Show

The third annual Color Me Goodwill fashion show attests to true Ashevillian style: eclectic, offbeat and unfailingly community-oriented. Booked for The Orange Peel on Friday, April 28, at 6 p.m., the event is more an “awareness raiser” than fundraiser, says Jaymie Eichorn with Goodwill Industries.

Though the nonprofit’s storefronts are known for low-cost finds, their overarching mission gets lost between chic cardigans and second-hand bibelots. Unbeknownst to most, Goodwill assisted more than 35,000 jobseekers in northwest North Carolina last year. As Eichorn explains, there are programs for veterans, former criminal offenders and the disabled. “It’s all about getting a job,” she says. “Customer purchases benefit workforce development.”

April’s fashion show relays that message vis-á-vis vogue. Six designers are given $125 Goodwill gift cards to purchase supplies for six separate outfits. There’s one more catch: they must work within their respective color palette.

Red isn’t former Broadway costume designer Kristin Tidwell’s favorite. She’ll admit that the shade can be jarring, but there’s a certain power to it. “It’s striking onstage— strong and vibrant,” she says. Her Goodwill thrifting has turned up white satin organza with a geometric, almost snowflake-like print, and a red mesh sweater. Not wanting to spoil the reveal, she does give away that a suit will feature up-cycled pinstriped curtains and tailored lines.

Her designs will have dimension too. “They won’t be flat. There will be an accent of depth in texture,” says Tidwell. Her colors will also be nuanced. Rather than bright, onetoned red, she’s leaning more toward earthy shades like sienna.

Designers Tricia Ellis, McKinney Gough, Amanda Rose, Leanna Echeverri and Caleb Owolabi will join Tidwell for the show. Their respective colors are blue, sepia, pink, green and orange. The winner, as decided by the audience, will receive $500, with $200 going to the runner-up.

The Orange Peel is located at 101 Biltmore Avenue. Tickets to the Color Me Goodwill fashion show are $15. To purchase tickets or for more information, visit

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