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Dillsboro Celebrates Summer with Arts and Crafts

Spark and Dewdrop. Photo Courtesy of Zenaida Chandler

Dillsboro’s Front Street will once again bloom with local art when the Summer Arts and Crafts Market is held Saturday, August 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Connie Hogan, president of the Dillsboro Merchants Association and owner of Tunnel Mountain Crafts, began the summer markets two years ago to give vendors a low-cost venue for their creations.

“Communities need to see that art really works as an outlet of creativity and that people love to see someone creating art and will buy it,” Hogan says. “Not only does the festival provide an income for the vendor, the artist and the crafter, but also for the town’s merchants. The quality of life increases in communities where the arts are alive and stories are told.”

More than 60 vendors will participate, including watercolor artists, rock painters and a creator of living water gardens. Jewelers, photographers and basket weavers are among those displaying their creations. Many of the vendors, Hogan says, have been participating since Dillsboro began hosting annual arts and crafts festivals in June, August and October. ColorFest will be held Saturday, October 7.

The summer festival also seeks to engage children in the creative arts. Entertainment for young audiences includes Spark the Fairy and Dewdrop, storytelling from The Ammons Sisters and a musical act by the Collins Sisters featuring Mr. Limberjack.

Food and music will round out the day’s festivities, and Dillsboro’s many downtown merchants and restaurants will be open for business as well.

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