Pet Photo Contest Winners

First Place: Aspen, owner Sandra LoCastro. “Here’s my baby Aspen enjoying his couch.”

Because the May issue is dedicated to animals, The Laurel of Asheville decided to have a pet photo contest on Facebook leading up to the edition. Viewers were invited to post their favorite pet photograph and, after two weeks of running the competition, there were 65 responses to the post.

There were dogs, cats, puppies, pigs and kittens. Images of mischievous, sassy, silly, sweet and cute animals appeared in the comments box daily for the duration of the contest. Winners were chosen on April 10 based on a number of factors, including the extent to which a pet’s character comes across in the photograph as well as the quality and clarity of the image.

This year, the first place winner receives a $100 gift card from Asheville Pet Supply, the second place winner, a $75 gift card from Asheville Pet Supply, and the third place winner gets a $50 gift card from Hendersonville Pet Shop.

A sincere thanks to the prize donators and to all who shared pictures of their beloved animals for the competition. Your babies made our day!

Second Place: Boulder, owner Heather Whatton. “My happy Viking beast.”

Third Place. Duke, owner, Richie Tortorello. “DUKE!”

Honorable Mention

Shontu, owner Judy Twigg. “Shontu adopted me when he found the cat door and made himself at home on my couch. He’s been with me now for five years.”

Rosie, owner Brandy Clements. “My best girl, showing great restraint by the Koi pond.”

Blue, owner Laurie Foote. “My mother rescued him six years ago and had him until she passed away last year. He’s pretty Zen.”


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