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Use Energy Healing to Cure What Ails You at Qi Revolution

Qi Revolution Returns to Asheville’s US Cellular Center

Qi Revolution. Courtesy of Jeff Primack

Qi Revolution returns for the fifth time to Asheville’s US Cellular Center at 87 Haywood Street on Friday, March 10, through Sunday, March 12. The event, started in Florida by Jeff Primack and a team of qigong (pronounced “chee-gong”) masters, has been held more than one hundred times in multiple states since 2005. Qi Revolution teaches people to access the healing powers of their own qi, or life-force energy. People attending the event can expect to rid themselves of general aches and pains, asthma and emotional burdens.

“Qi is within all beings and expands when an individual focuses on their breath,” says Primack, a 20-year qigong practitioner. “Breathing powerfully is what healed my asthma, which I had inhalers for from ages seven to 21. Since 1999, I have never required an inhaler.”

Fifty thousand people have attended the event since it began, with about 500 showing up at each stop of the tour. The more people there are, reportedly, the more concentrated the energy flow and thus the easier it is for the healing processes to start. Along with qigong training, Qi Revolution offers lessons in food-based healing (which is just as important as qi to creating an optimally healthy self).

“People should attend this event to expand their minds and their capabilities for healing,” says Rick Agel, MD and current practitioner of acupuncture medicine. “Qigong works—you just have to feel it to believe it.”

Tickets are $149 for the three-day event and are free for veterans and firefighters. To purchase, call 828.298.8970 or visit

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