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A First-hand Look into Web Series Transplanting

Asheville Web Series Transplanting

Hayley Heninger (Photo by Evan Kafka)

Q&A with Star of Asheville-based Web Series Transplanting

Asheville’s very own web series show, Transplanting, is set to release its second season on Wednesday, September 7. The first season followed the central character Maeve, a New Yorker who moves to Asheville and is quickly introduced to our city’s quirkiest inhabitants.

So what’s next for the fictional transplant? We took some time to get the scoop on the new season from the show’s star Hayley Heninger.

How was filming season two different from your experience with the first season?

Hayley Heninger: Season two had more hands on deck, so there was a fresh energy that made it really fun. I got to work with friends I’ve known from different projects and circles, met Facebook friends in real life, and was reunited the skeleton cast and crew from season one—it all meshed together in this awesome experience that was unlike anything I’ve been a part of before.

From an acting standpoint, I think I was more confident going into the second season shoot because Maeve felt like a real person, whereas going into our first shoot, I didn’t know how Maeve would come together or how the final product would look.

What new developments can you share about your character Maeve that you are most excited for?

I think Maeve’s personality shows up more this season—she leans into her quirks and is better off for it (for the most part). She shares some of her writing and pushes herself creatively, which is exciting. It’s a new level of getting to know a person when you can see what they write about and choose to put out there.

Do you have a favorite episode in season two?

I feel cheesy saying this, but I really loved them all. There’s an episode where Maeve attends a writing circle, and that one comes to mind, because everyone’s bit was hilarious. There’s a new character named Averly (played by Devyn Ray) who could be considered Maeve’s frenemy, or maybe just straight enemy. That was fun to play with. Also, BJ Leiderman has a spot in one episode and he was hilarious to work with. I’m an NPR fan and was a little starstruck, but he had me cracking up the whole time.

Anything else fans should know about the show?

Season two was crowdfunded, and I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who contributed. It means so much to have people believe in what you’re doing and want to help keep it going. From the cast and crew that donated their time and talent, to friends from high school that I hadn’t talked to in years donating money to the Kickstarter, to local businesses letting us shoot in their space, I feel really lucky. It’s a fantastic project to be a part of.

Learn more at transplantingseries.com.

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