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Frock Boutique

Frock Boutique

Betsy Bradfield

Betsy Bradfield’s love for downtown goes back to her middle school days when she and her friends would walk to Woolworth’s Lunch Counter. “I remember walking down the streets of downtown and looking at all the shops back then. I never thought I would have my own shop across the street from Woolworth’s one day.”

Bradfield opened Frock Boutique in 2008. “Before Frock, I was a jewelry designer selling to different boutiques,” she says. Frock Boutique brings together all of my creativity: décor, music, fashion and jewelry.”

Bradfield’s daughter Jenny helped her open Frock Boutique. “She brought a younger aesthetic to it,” says Bradfield. “It was valuable to have someone help me look at things from a different perspective and help me develop an eclectic variety for the wide range of age groups and tastes we accommodate.”

Betsy now runs the store by herself, doing all the buying, merchandising, budgeting and day-to-day chores of running a brick and mortar store. She loves every minute of it.

Frock Boutique is located at 4 Battery Park Ave in downtown Asheville. For more information, visit

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