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The Jewelry of Meryl Lefkovich Design

Meryl Lefkovich Jewelry Design

Meryl Lefkovich (Photo by Lauren Clough Photography)

Originally from the Boston area, Meryl Lefkovich moved to Asheville a year ago. With a degree in Art History, she has worked as a gallery manager, an art consultant, an interior designer and a painter, with all roads eventually leading to jewelry design and metalsmithing.

“Custom created jewelry is about connection and self expression,” she says. “My jewelry is a reflection and reinterpretation of nature and ourselves as we transform and evolve. Each design is personal. I want my work to bring joy, beauty, strength and confidence to the wearer.”

She creates silver and gold gemstone jewelry for one-of- a-kind or limited edition pieces of wearable art that are inspired by the natural world, Art Nouveau and whimsy. She uses wax carving, cast botanicals and traditional methods of metalsmithing for her designs.

“I want to share the belief that it is never too late to follow and achieve your passion,” Lefkovich says. “We are in constant transformation as we learn and experience new things.”

Meryl can be reached at 413.214.2196 or and found online at She will be at Art in the Park in Pack Square Saturday, October 15.

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