Fun for Wedding Guests

Games and Edibles Make Lasting Impressions on Wedding Guests

By Miranda Allfrey | (Photos by Nick King Photography)

While some may say the wedding day is all about the bride, the latest trends in wedding planning show a rise in creating memorable experiences for the guests as well. From fun activities such as cornhole to creative food options, many couples these days are prioritizing entertainment for guests in their wedding planning. Here are some of the latest and greatest guest-centric ideas.

Edibles cover the gamut, from wedding favors to bite-sized snacks during the reception. As far as culinary treats go, Danette Hopey, owner of Hopey and Company Catering, recommends the “mashtini” bar. She says, “Mashed potatoes served in a martini glass with a selection of toppings is something fun and easy.” And, she says, tiny is in. Miniature versions of pancakes with syrup, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, meatballs, or pies are very popular.

Guests go crazy for party favors. Small bottles of honey (love is sweet, after all), mini champagne bottles, hot chocolate mixes, and offerings from Asheville-based company Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn are great ways for friends and family to bring home a bit of the celebration. I once received a package of edible rose petals, which made for a great topping on ice cream sundaes.

Fun for Wedding Guests

Stations where attendees can leave sweet notes for the couple come in a variety of forms beyond the traditional guestbook. Two cool options include an old-fashioned typewriter and oversize Jenga blocks on which folks can write their best wishes with a permanent marker.

Emily Jones, wedding planner with Verge Events in Asheville, says, “We tailor ideas around the couple’s personality and things they love. Making it about them, but fun for the guests.”

During one wedding she planned, toy airplanes served as name cards for dinner seating. Following the meal, everyone flew their planes across the room. Trivia cards at each table can give guests a chance to test their knowledge and mingle.

These trends and many others incorporate the couple’s personalities to make lasting impressions.

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  • I had the privilege to photograph a lovely bride and groom and they had some pretty unique games at the reception. The one most memorable was hammering a nail into a log. You could only use one hand and the one to nail in theirs fist won each took turns with the hammer.

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