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Select Furniture Consignment

Select Furniture Consignment

Nikki Worsnop

Nikki Worsnop moved to Asheville five years ago after running a 10,000-square-foot furniture consignment shop in Banner Elk. “Before that I worked with an interior designer in Florida,” she says. “That’s where I got the inspiration to pursue furniture consignment. I loved decorating and helping people find the perfect designs for their homes.”

Worsnop’s career originally began in the marketing and advertising field. “I learned then that business is all about customers,” she says, “but I didn’t have the chance to experience direct interaction and collaboration with customers until I moved into the furniture consignment business. At my Asheville shop, I can sit with my customers and have long conversations. I’d love to add a wine bar to the shop. That seems to be the one thing I’m missing.”

Asheville is the perfect fit for Worsnop’s business. “Consignment is such a good business here because people are always moving in and out of the area. I love taking in high-end furniture. I’m very selective, and Asheville is a great place to find unique, high-end pieces that fit just about any taste.”

Select Furniture Consignment is located at 330 Rockwood Road in Arden. For more information, visit or call 828.654.9797.

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