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The Gorge Zipline

The Gorge Zipline

Sara Bell

Sara Bell is the owner of two of Saluda’s most active outdoors businesses: Green River Adventures and The Gorge Zipline. A native of Birmingham, AL, Bell discovered kayaking shortly after her senior year in high school, while enrolled in Auburn University’s architecture program. “All I wanted to do was be on the river,” she says. After her sophomore year of college, she transferred to the Wilderness Leadership program at Brevard College.

“I figured I’d be a kayak instructor for forever,” she says, “but I have this entrepreneurial gene that really started to show itself after the birth of my oldest child, Finn.” Green River Adventures opened in 2006, and the addition of a ziplining experience seemed like a logical next step. “My husband Tim and I led 21-day wilderness trips in Costa Rica just after graduating from Brevard,” Bell says. “Ziplining was always a highlight of every trip. We always said if this activity ever caught on in the US, we’d be all over it.” The

Gorge Zipline is located at 166 Honey Bee Drive in Saluda. For more information, visit

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