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Cover Artist: Julie Willan

“I have such a deep connection with wildlife and trying to capture their true essence,” says Julie Willan. “Each piece that I create, I take time to research and see what moves me to want to make that image come to life.”

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Arts Communities

Brevard Celebrates Arts in March

“This Arts in March will look similar to our fall event HeART of the Season, created last year in order to provide a safe and enjoyable way for artists to connect with their community,” says HOB executive director Nicole Bentley.

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Arts Craft Arts

Feature Artist: Nancy P. McAninch

Simplicity, elegance and wearability are hallmarks of Nancy McAninch's designs. “I don’t like jewelry that is difficult to wear, such as snagging on clothing or poking the skin,” she says. “I like jewelry that looks a bit understated.”

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Communities Education

Spotlight On: Hands On! Children’s Museum

The goals of this new space at Hendersonville’s Hands On! Children’s Museum are trifold: fostering a safe and educational environment that celebrates diversity; empowering Henderson County’s citizens to learn their history; and preserving the county’s cultural identity and legacy.

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