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Climate City: Love Thy Neighbor

When the Reverend Scott Hardin-Nieri was attending seminary school in Southern California, he was humbled by a series of experiences that pushed him to think about spirituality and nature in different ways. “I would have these profound moments in nature where I not only experienced God or mystery but also a clearer sense of myself and who I am in the world,” he says, recalling some of his...

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In Bloom: Oakleaf Hydrangea

By Suzanne Wodek Hydrangea quercifolia, commonly called Oakleaf hydrangea, is a native, upright, rounded, deciduous shrub that grows up to 8’ tall. It is naturally found on bluffs, in moist woods and ravines and along stream banks. It sends up shoots from underground stolons and forms colonies from a shallow root system. The young stems are fuzzy. Mature stems can be cut to the ground every two...

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Music Feature: Graham Sharp

Truer Picture Asheville’s Graham Sharp, best known as songwriter and banjo player with Steep Canyon Rangers, has released his first solo album, Truer Picture. “This project is raw, diverse and wonderful: simple in the most perfect way,” says Woody Platt, also of Steep Canyon Rangers. “It’s like a Sunday morning cup of coffee with Don Williams, a late-night tour bus ride with Terry Allen or an...

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Beethoven@251 at Brevard Music Center

More than a year after performances and celebrations for Beethoven’s 250th birthday were planned, Brevard Music Center will bring a resilient vision to life for a summer of music including "Beethoven@251, a Festival within a Festival." BMC’s long-awaited 2021 season will begin with an opening concert Friday, July 9.

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The Grapevine: Virtual Wine Anyone?

Every week, we pick a theme and three wines to taste. Then, over the span of about 30 minutes, we explain the wines in great detail. Customers can purchase the wines before the tasting and even after because we always record our tastings. Before COVID, our wine tastings would pack the house. Now, customers are staying in the comfort of their own homes and tasting right along with us.

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