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The Observant Gardener: Tithonias and Swallowtails

By Judith Canty Graves One of the most exciting times in the summer is when the Mexican Sunflower, known as tithonia, blooms in July. This fast-growing plant germinates quickly, produces hardy seedlings and seems to double in size every day. After a few weeks, it can reach five feet in height and be covered with vibrant, orange blooms. I plant tithonia seeds after Mother’s Day and then watch them...

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Food Sustainability

Eat Your View: Working Toward Food Sovereignty

A close connection between chef and farmer strengthens a supply chain that creates jobs and food sovereignty in our community. The recent COVID pandemic and Russian hackers in our oil and beef supplies created food shortages and higher prices and exposed weaknesses in a globalized food system.

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Education Outdoors

In Bloom: Bee Balm

Monarda didyma is a native perennial herb in the Lamiaceae (mint) family as you can easily tell by its minty-scented foliage and square stem. Other common names include scarlet or crimson bee balm, Oswego tea, red bergamot and scarlet monarda.

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Arts Galleries

Mica Features Variety Throughout Summer

Mica, a cooperative fine craft gallery in downtown Bakersville, showcases the work of member artists on a rotating basis. The featured artists for the upcoming months include Claudia Dunaway, Robbie Bell, Vicki Essig, David Ross, Simona Rosasco and JJ Brown.

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