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Sustainability: Appreciating Wildlife in Autumn

“The autumn equinox, when day and night are of equal length, is on September 23,” Mastin says. “This signals the start of fall and a time of nature’s plenty, with bountiful harvests of berries, nuts and seeds on the ground or for easy picking. Critters take advantage of this wild harvest and will chow down on whatever they can find to build up reserves of fat for migration or hibernation.”

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OGS Launches New Program for Independent Farmers

“There is a big difference in your needs between years one to three and years three to five,” says Nicole DelCogliano, director of programs and human resources for OGS. “The Journeyperson program is designed to give tailored information that farmers can use to hone and improve their business."

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Food Lifestyle

Celebrate Fall with All Things ‘Garlicky’

“WNC Garlic Fest is now in its 7th year and has grown into a large and very garlicky event,” says Chris Smith, executive director of the nonprofit The Utopian Seed Project (TUSP) and one of the festival’s organizers. “But in many ways, the heart of the event hasn’t changed from the first year when we had about 100 people in Sow True Seed’s parking lot on Church Street.”

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Outdoor Safety is Key in Mountainous Terrain

People continue to flock outdoors as summer winds down and fall approaches. As record numbers of visitors make their way into our area’s forests, safety is an ongoing concern. Jason Davis, owner of North River Farms and co-owner of DB bar D Outfitters, is also a volunteer firefighter serving as the chief of North Transylvania Fire Rescue and the assistant chief of Mills River Fire & Rescue.

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Book Feature: The Last of the Swindlers

“I’ve been reading mysteries for relaxation since working in Manhattan 35 years ago and riding a bus once a week from Lake Huntington, NY to Port Authority, NYC, and at day’s end all the way back,” Loewer says. “I started this story after being unable to teach at A-B Tech for over a year. I had to do something to keep my mind alive.”

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