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Andy’s Artful Furnishings: Beauty + Utility

Andy's Artful Furnishings

Andy Cooper, artist

Andy Cooper, owner and founder of Andy’s Artful Furnishings, lives firmly at the intersection of beauty and utility. His unique wood and metal artistic furnishings provide statement pieces that can be placed in any home. “I’m a fickle, nature-loving idealist and perfectionist, and I am truly at home here in the mountains,” he says. “My art is inspired by my love of the natural world, but complemented by, or contrasted with, man-made elements. Most of the metal I use is salvaged and has a lot of wear and patina as proof, and the wood I use is local.”

In the past years, he has honed a distinctive, signature quality in his work. “My style has become more refined and yet more organic—a sort of organized chaos,” he says. Cooper’s coffee tables, accent tables and entry tables are very popular among his customers. He also enjoys partnering with customers to create custom, commissioned work. “I love providing beauty in people’s lives and getting to share the creative experience,” he says.

Andy’s Artful Furnishings is located at 362 Depot Street in Asheville. For more information, visit or find the business on Facebook. To schedule a studio visit, call Cooper at 248.330.0543.

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