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BMCM+AC Presents the 12th Annual {Re}HAPPENING at Lake Eden April 20

Photo by Michael Oppenheim

Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center (BMCM+AC) presents the 12th annual {Re}HAPPENING on Saturday, April 20, from 3—10 p.m. at the Historic Black Mountain College Campus at Lake Eden. “The {Re}HAPPENING is an experimental arts event like no other,” says Kira Houston, outreach coordinator for BMCM+AC. “This all-day experience is inspired by John Cage’s 1952 Theatre Piece No. 1, an unscripted performance at Black Mountain College considered by many to be the first Happening. Visitors will encounter an immersive collection of projects in the tradition of BMC—installation, sound, movement, visual art, interactive media, workshops and more.”

Choreographer, musician and scholar Eric Mullis will present Technogenesis, an experimental dance trio inspired by Merce Cunningham and John Cage, at this year’s {Re}HAPPENING. “The choreography for my piece was created by making video recordings of myself and the dancers improvising movement, editing the footage following chance procedures and then having the dancers learn the outcome,” says Mullis. “This is in keeping with the Cunningham-Cage philosophy that found its early home at Black Mountain College.”

Madalyn Wofford from the local artist collective Swannatopia will present a piece called Color Theory Guard. “Color Theory Guard will explore the color wheel through a series of movements (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet) within a prismatic playground,” says Wofford. Every hour, the artists will introduce a new playground prop, color combination exercise and “now” age ambient track that will slowly transform the space into a full-spectrum experience.

The 12th installation of this event will be the largest yet, with more than 25 projects onsite and more than 100 individuals presenting work. “For many artists, spending the day at the site of the legendary college is like a pilgrimage, providing a sense of community and a wellspring of inspiration,” says Houston. “It allows local and regional NC artists to connect with each other, strengthening our regional arts community, while also allowing artists from other parts of the US to experience our vibrant hub for artistic life.”

Also mark your calendars for Wednesday, April 3, at 7 p.m., when BMCM+AC presents We Are All Going in Different Directions: A Celebration of John Cage, a concert by Sō Percussion. Learn more and purchase tickets for both the concert and the {Re}HAPPENING at

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