Woolworth Walk Hosts 2,000 Degrees Apart in January

Cratter Platter. Mike Hamlin, artist

Cratter Platter. Mike Hamlin, artist

Through Thursday, January 30, Woolworth Walk will highlight artists Mike Hamlin and David Pope in the FW Gallery. The exhibition is called 2,000 Degrees Apart, a reference to the temperature difference between the melting point of encaustic wax (which Pope uses in his multi-media works) and the firing temperature for glazed ceramics (Hamlin’s medium). Woolworth Walk will host a reception for the artists on Friday, January 3, from 4–6 p.m.

Pope’s works layer texture and color to portray scenes of natural wonder, from a mountain vista to a bird on a wire. The artist uses nostalgic clippings in his work, such as 1970s album covers and children’s book pages from the 1950s. Themes of decay and ruin play within the layers of Pope’s work, conveying his interest in the caustic effects of nature.

Hamlin’s hand-built and wheel-thrown vessels are made with a high iron bearing clay, which the artist then decorates with colored crater or matte glazes. He uses a combination of rapid and slow cooling in the electric kiln to create movement on the glazed surface of his works. “I have three years of glaze calculus under my belt from undergraduate school,” Hamlin says. “Those three years have provided me with all the knowledge I employ today to create my glaze surfaces.” Hamlin has used the same unique glaze recipe since 1997, but small tweaks to the recipe have contributed to variations in his work. “The glaze from the early 2000s looks very different from the glaze today,” he says.

Woolworth Walk is located at 25 Haywood Street in Asheville. For more information, visit

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