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Meet Thirty Local Artists on the Beaverdam Studio Tour

Beaverdam Studio Tour

Bonnie Cooper, artist

The 4th annual Beaverdam Studio Tour will take place on Saturday, October 30, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, October 31, from noon to 5 p.m. The tour will feature 30 artists working in 21 studios, all located off of Beaverdam Road, which is reached via Merrimon Avenue. Lin Barber of Dogwood Pottery has been participating in the tour since its inception four years ago. “I enjoy opening my home and sharing my love of the craft of pottery,” Barber says. “While it’s great selling in shops and online, it’s so much more satisfying to meet people that enjoy my work.” Barber hand-draws sgraffito designs into her pottery and she sometimes has tiles available for demonstrating her technique. “I think visitors like knowing more about the pottery they buy from me,” she says. “It gives the pot more substance and meaning.”

Beaverdam Studio Tour

Lin Barber, artist

Photographer Neil Jacobs is participating in the tour for the first time this year and hopes to gain exposure by presenting some of the work he has amassed in his 50-year photography career. “Asheville prides itself as a town for the arts, but photography is extremely under-represented,” he says. “I am hoping to expose visitors to photography as an art form that goes beyond Blue Ridge Mountain sunsets and waterfalls.”

Susan Meyer Sinyai, an oil and pastel artist, says the anticipation of this year’s tour gave her art momentum. “It definitely creates a more personal and meaningful approach to looking at and buying art,” Sinyai says of the tour. “Someone can ask, why did this scene make you want to paint it? Why is the mood in this piece different than the other piece? How is pastel different from oil paint and why do you work in both mediums? So many questions, and I welcome every one.”

Tour maps are available online and in the printed brochure to help visitors plan their two-day, self-directed tour. For more information, visit

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