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Shop Talk: Tessa Lang

Shop Talk Tessa Lang

Tessa Lang wearing leggings created from her artwork (background)

Tessa Lang’s artistic motivation is simple: to make people happy. “I grew up in Wisconsin, caked in paint, pottery and permanent marker, and dreaming of Van Gogh’s Starry Night skies,” she says. “My creations are about taking risks, being bold and celebrating personality traits and emotions.”

Lang’s creations are not limited to the canvas—she also puts her artwork on leggings meant to “help you feel special, unique and confident,” she says. “It’s a wonderful feeling to help others feel empowered and beautiful. I’ve battled alopecia for years and know how it feels to not feel confident in your body.”

Commissions are some of her favorite works, because she is able to build a real relationship with the collector. “I spend time listening and understanding their style to discover their vision and bring it to life,” she says. “My mission is to bring others joy and connectivity through my creations.”

Tessa Lang Paintings and Leggings is located in the Wedge Studios at 129 Roberts Street in Asheville. For more information, call 828.713.8080, visit or find Tessa Lang Paintings & Leggings on Facebook and @Tessalangart on Instagram.

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