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Gayle Paul, Artist

Gayle Paul, Artist

Gayle Paul

Gayle Paul has been painting for 50 years. Her large, expressive abstract works use lines and marks to create the framework for composition and color.

“I recently told someone, when asked where my ideas originated, that I paint the adjectives and not the nouns,” she says.

Originally from Indiana, Paul received a BFA from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Her continued studies focus on women painters such as Joan Snyder, Joan Mitchell and Ida Kohlmeyer. Art lovers recognize the influence of Miro and Calder in her pieces. She has a show currently on display at Contemporaneo Asheville.

“Abstract paintings, or paintings without an obvious subject, can bring the viewer constant satisfaction because they will continually find something new in the work,” she says. “Abstract paintings do not tell you everything on first viewing, but rather let you keep finding new meaning for yourself.”

Gayle Paul’s workspace is in the Warehouse Studios at 170 Lyman Street in Asheville’s River Arts District. Open hours are Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Learn more on Facebook and at

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  • Hi,
    Your work is beautiful, evocative and oh so lyrical….
    Your art has the quality of magic and looking at it never gets old!!!! I appreciate your vision and hope to find my own…..keep making magic!!!!I’m Paul Moore from Georgia. I would really love to purchase some of your works for my wife as a surprise present regarding our forthcoming 20th anniversary, I would like to receive further information about your piece of work and what inspires you..Also, kindly email me back with some images and price list of your artworks that is ready for immediate sales within my price range ($1,000- $15,000).. Hope to hear from you soon..

    Thanks and best regards..

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