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Jane Schmidt

Jane Schmidt

Jane Schmidt. Photo by J. Price

Jane Schmidt’s paintings are about the interaction of color. She paints landscapes in an expressionistic style using color to create visual interest and excitement and to explore the edge between abstraction and representation.

“Oils are a very flexible medium allowing me to go back in to scrape and/or build layers for days at a time,” says Schmidt. “I paint on both canvas and wood, using scruffy round brushes as well as a palette knife for applying paint.”

Looking for a more vibrant art environment, Schmidt moved to Asheville four years ago with her partner, fellow artist and accomplished potter Phil Gooley. Schmidt has a MFA in painting and, for 14 years, was a faculty member of the fine arts department at several colleges and universities in Arizona and North Carolina.

Schmidt paints from memory and from experiences with nature. Her paintings are an inward expression from an outward experience. “I love to push the boundaries of working with color, often challenging the norms of color harmonies,” she says.

Find Jane Schmidt’s artwork in the River Arts District at 191 Lyman Street, studio 234, or online at

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