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Bohemian Baby Hosts Mother’s Day Event for Kids

At Bohemian Baby, a children’s clothing store in downtown Asheville, kids are invited to make their mom or grandma a special gift for Mother’s Day on Saturday, May 13, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Bohemian Baby will provide all supplies needed for children to plant a flower in a container of their choosing, including plants from a greenhouse, empty pots, pebbles and potting mix—all free of charge.

“We try to do a couple of events each year and keep them as hands-on and educational as possible,” says Bohemian Baby owner Joy Simmons.

The activity will take place in front of Bohemian Baby inside the Grove Arcade. The shop will provide gloves and aprons for kids to wear while planting. Each child can choose one plant, and adults will be on hand to give guidance on correct planting techniques.

Bohemian Baby specializes in ethically sourced children’s clothing for comfort and ease of play. The company’s mission and focus are on promoting positivity and self-esteem, and increasing quality of life through the Bohemian clothes and items offered. Simmons travels worldwide to seek the most unique, eco-friendly and safe fabrics that not only feel good but are also comfortable and affordable.

“We want everyone to enjoy shopping with ease,” says Simmons. “If someone is looking for a specific item or color, we can usually order it. We can also put together a gift basket of their choosing and we will ship items for customers.”

Bohemian Baby also carries boho jewelry and accessories, artwork, items from the local community, toys made from recycled plastic and children’s books by local authors.

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