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Shop Talk: Girl Friday

Alan and Tatia Childers

What started out for Tatia and Alan Childers as a move management business eventually transformed into something entirely different. “We started selling our clients’ unwanted items, but we couldn’t be in the shop and on jobs at the same time, so we decided to scrap the move management part and just do consignment,” Tatia says.

Tatia and Alan met in San Diego, where Alan was stationed with the military. In California, Tatia was at school at Purdue studying health and wellness. “When we retired we moved to Waynesville, which we love,” she says.

The two are passionate about researching every item that arrives at their store. “We learn so much, we get to meet people from all over the world, but, best of all, we get to work together,” Tatia says.

Girl Friday is located at 85 Muse Business Park in Waynesville. To learn more visit

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