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Shop Talk: Jeffrey ‘The Jewel of Asheville’

Jeffrey Burroughs. Photo by Nate Burroughs

Before moving to Asheville, Jeffrey Burroughs spent 10 years in SoHo and 10 years in the Diamond District, in New York City. They moved to Asheville during what they call “The COVID Flee,” expecting to spend only one to two years healing from an almost-fatal COVID infection. “I fell in love with the community and stayed,” they say.

“After establishing myself here, I wanted to open a luxury bodega where I could present my solo and collaborative artworks as well as curate a space to celebrate beauty.”

Burroughs loves being a part of the River Arts District, where they showcase two brands of jewelry: Jeffrey Burroughs New York, a fine jewelry brand; and Jak & Fox, which focuses more on fun fashion accoutrements.

Jeffrey, The Jewel of Asheville is located at 20 Artful Way, Suite 101, in the River Arts District. Learn more by visiting

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