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Shop Talk: Mountain Construction Engineering

Tom and Robyn Hessling with Mr. Oscar, the company mascot

Tom Hessling is an award-winning engineer with 38 years’ experience. “As a kid, I constantly wanted to sling hammers and build things,” he says, “so my father persuaded me to pursue engineering.” Hessling traveled the US, moving every few years to work on major infrastructure projects and gaining licensure in 11 states.
Between projects, Hessling would visit his father-in-law’s home in Sapphire with his wife and children, and they eventually settled there. “I was happy to finally be able to stay in one place,” he says. Mountain Construction Engineering is now in its fifth year in Sapphire and focuses on residential engineering services, including construction owner representation and help with budget/scheduling for part-time residents as well as consultations, structural repair, disaster relief inspections and real estate second opinion inspections.

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