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The Sweet Onion Restaurant

The Sweet Onion Restaurant

Dan Elliott

Dan Elliott and Doug Weaver opened Sweet Onion in 2007. “We’d both operated restaurants in Waynesville prior to our current partnership,” says Elliott. “When we found the building downtown, we knew it was perfect for what we wanted to do. Part of it was originally the Greyhound Bus building, which we renovated and extended, keeping some of the original layout.”

Both Elliott and Weaver moved around a lot growing up, experiencing many of America’s different subcultures, including its various regional cuisines. Weaver’s family eventually settled in Georgia, where his mother opened a family restaurant, giving him exposure to all aspects of the business. Elliott, originally from Minneapolis, moved to Western North Carolina in 2005 “Growing up in the restaurant industry, we both know how important it is to make everything from scratch, using high-quality ingredients while keeping prices reasonable. You can’t get away with anything less.” The Sweet Onion is located on 39 Miller Street in Waynesville.

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