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Valentine’s Day Shopping at Jeffrey, The Jewel of Asheville in the River Arts District

Perfect Studs. Jeffrey Burroughs, artist

Jeffrey Burroughs, owner of the eponymous jewelry store Jeffrey, has strong feelings about Valentine’s Day. “While Valentine’s Day is one of the first I hear people write off as a ‘Hallmark Holiday,’ it should be and can be so much more,” Burroughs says.
Burroughs has happy Valentine’s Day memories with their grade-school best friend Tamara. “I remember her giving me a handmade, cut-out heart with our names on it,” they say. “I hear us laughing as we exchange cards and name each other our Valentine. We eat heart candies with sweet sayings on them, and pledge to be best friends forever.”

In a world that can be harsh and challenging, Burroughs thinks we should take every opportunity to celebrate and share our love. Every year on Valentine’s Day, Burroughs makes a special piece of jewelry for their husband and the two go out to dinner. “Some will say it’s cliché, but frankly I don’t care. After so many memories fade away, I want to close my eyes, and remember the times we did something meaningful that left an imprint.”

Heart Necklace. Jeffrey Burroughs, artist

Situated in the heart of the River Arts District, Jeffrey features a variety of gifts for that special someone.

Lucky 7
Featuring seven diamonds set in solid 14 karat gold, Lucky 7 comes with a 16-18” adjustable chain so you can layer it or wear it by itself. Chains are always finished with a small diamond charm to signify Jeffrey’s commitment to excellence. “A perfect gift for a chic partner who has everything,” Burroughs says.

Tennis Bracelet
Tennis bracelets at Jeffrey can be customized to one’s preferred metal, stone and size. “They are loved so much by our clients they rarely take them off,” Burroughs says. “While diamonds are a solid option for this kind of bracelet, an affordable alternative to consider is a high-quality moissanite. Moissanite is nearly as hard, just as beautiful, and is great to wear every day, or when traveling.”

Perfect Studs
Also customizable with your choice of metal, stone and size, the Perfect Studs make a perfect gift for anyone who is ready to upgrade their current studs or receive their first pair.

Heart Necklace
Available in 14 karat gold vermeil or rhodium-plated sterling silver, the Heart Necklace is an affordable piece that sends a special message.

Black Diamond Pyramid Cuff
The Black Diamond Pyramid Cuffs are available in two widths, featuring more than 2 carats of high-quality black diamonds set in sterling silver.

Jeffrey is located at 20 Artful Way Suite 101, Asheville. Learn more at

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