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Tap into the Healing Power of Ancient Ley Lines

By Kayla Maneen

There is a magical energy surrounding Asheville that is undeniable to its residents. Just ask the dozens of creative people who call the city home—there is something in the air that draws people in. This isn’t surprising, as Asheville falls directly in the middle of an ancient source of powerful energy called a “ley line.”

Ley lines are alleged alignments of ancient monuments that were built according to the position of the planets. Discovered by Alfred Watkins in the 1920s, they are said to carry strong electromagnetic fields that can influence mood, perception and even memory. Multiple famous places are located on “nodes,” which are where these lines intersect: Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza are two. Most civilizations across the world are aware of these mysterious lines and have their own names for them, such as “dragon lines” in China or “fairy lines” in Ireland.

Asheville is perfectly situated between two major lines that stem from the Bermuda Triangle, with the Vance Monument downtown being the exact midway point between the two. It’s no wonder the creative, tangible energy surrounding the city is so strong when it is located between such powerful lines.

“These lines affect fertility, agriculture, mood, memory, perception and, ultimately, consciousness itself,” says Sarah Thomas, a licensed acupuncturist and crystal healing practitioner who owns Clarity Acupuncture and Clarity Stone Medicine in Asheville. “You can access them to broadcast intentions, increase food production on your land and heal your body. Their potential is limitless.”

Ley lines are said to give off high-frequency vibrations, which can be felt by people and animals alike. A sense of contentment and an unexplainable connection to the land are both signs that you could be tuning into a line’s vibrational energy. The longer you’re around them, the more easily you can tap into their healing properties.

But what if you don’t feel that energy automatically, or want to carry it with you even when you travel out of the area? The first step is to spend more time in nature. The forests around Asheville are filled not only with the energy of ley lines, but also with vortexes and crystalline energy—which connect and interact with ley-line energy.

“We are vibrational beings and we live in a vibrational world,” says DeAnne Hampton, a vibrational guide and spiritual counselor who moved to Asheville 21 years ago in response to a strong, innate urge. “Any nature is going to benefit you—but if you begin to explore the idea of getting off the trail, you will discover nature is more free from physical, emotional and psychic debris.” In other words, getting outside is the best way to connect to the ley-line energy.

You can also use the powerful energies of stones and crystals to access the lines’ healing potential.

“Stones can be used to absorb and then amplify, direct or transmit the energy,” says Thomas. “It all depends on intention and understanding of how energy moves in the land, the body and within the stones and crystals themselves.”

Though accessing the healing energies of ley lines isn’t an exact science, both Thomas and Hampton believe that all you really need is yourself when you’re trying to connect.

“Being with the natural world in consistent, devoted ways, using your intuition, stillness and intention will teach you,” says Hampton. “And there is ancient magic in that experience.”

Learn more about Sarah Thomas at claritystonemedicine.com or clarityacupuncturenc.com. Visit deannehampton.com to learn more about the work of DeAnne Hampton, teacher of the New Human Consciousness.


  • Great article. I was interested in learning about ley lines and this is one of the first things that came up. Somehow, I feel as if I already knew. Neat

  • Are there any maps of ley lines across North Carolina? I have a heart condition and cannot live at high altitudes. Are there any ley lines across the foothills of North Carolina? Any responses would be most welcome. Thank you.

  • I would like to take a day trip to Asheville to meditate on one of the key lines. Is there a particular site in Asheville you could suggest

    • Hi, Emily. I would suggest you contact one of the ladies from the article. (Please note that it *was* a 2017 article.) Sarah Thomas at claritystonemedicine.com or clarityacupuncturenc.com. Deanne Hampton, teacher of New Human Consciousness, deannehampton.com

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