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A Custom Fit with On the Inside Lingerie

A completely self-taught designer, Elise Olson uses her sewing abilities to enhance women’s confidence with perfect, custom lingerie. “In a world of ill-fitting and uncomfortable lingerie, I enjoy creating a product that makes women feel good,” she says. “I love offering custom sizing so that I can make something that truly fits an individual, especially because so many women struggle with finding undergarments that fit. I find it very rewarding. It’s also really fun to tap into the feminine side of myself and make lacy, beautiful things.”

Photo by Carolina Goodwin

The craft of lingerie takes great precision, as minute details can affect fit and construction. “Fit needs to be so precise on lingerie that half an inch can make something feel either too loose or too tight,” she says. “My goal really is to have my pieces fit so perfectly that you don’t even notice that you have them on. And because the pieces themselves are so small, the detail of the actual sewing needs to be really spot on.”
With fourteen years of experience crafting custom lingerie, Olson is constantly adapting her designs to make them better. “A design is never quite finished,” she says. “I think there is always room for improvement.”

On the Inside Lingerie is located at 842 Haywood Road in West Asheville. For more information, call 828.505.2506 or visit

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