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Podcasts Wellness

Conversations: Rock Bottoms

Abby Cain, owner of Rock Bottoms, an exercise studio in Asheville, explains a unique weight training protocol called Super Slow, and how she left the world of finance to pursue her passion for health and fitness.

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Craft Arts Podcasts

Conversations: Simone Wood

Artist Simone Wood discusses her recreation of the 1850’s dress style, where both men and women will dress up for the annual Hendersonville ‘Old Fashioned Christmas’ street walk happening Dec 6 from 5-8pm

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Podcasts Visual Arts

Conversations: Chris Peterson

  Illustrator and painter Christopher Peterson comes to Asheville after an eclectic art based career in the San Francisco Bay area. He describes his interest in ‘painting the unusual’ and the community he finds in being part of the River Arts District

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