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MW Studios

MW Studios

Mark Woodham. Photo by Judith Loniak

Mark Woodham moved to Burnsville from South Carolina where he owned a glass blowing studio and gallery. “I did glass blowing for 28 years before moving up here and finding an old Napa Auto Parts building I turned into my studio and gallery,” he says. “I’ve always been drawn to the mountains and, with such a large number of artists here, it was a perfect fit.”

It took three months to renovate the building, but Woodham then moved straight into production mode. “I’ve always been interested in contemporary art and found the combination of wood and metal pleasing,” he says. “I feel much more creative with metal and wood.” He makes contemporary sculptures, eccentric furniture, wall hangings and home accessories. “I make a little bit of everything,” he says, “taking inspiration from natural and cultural artifacts.” Included in his portfolio is an impressive, 650-pound metal portrait of Chief Sitting Bull, the step-by-step construction of which is chronicled on his website.

MW Studios is located at 319 West Highway 19E in Burnsville. See examples of his work at

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