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Sun Dragon Art & Fiber

Sun Dragon Art & Fiber

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith, owner and teacher at Sun Dragon Art & Fiber, has long joked that if she could make a living knitting, she would. “It was a joke because for the amount of time it takes to knit something, you could never viably sell it to recuperate your time and supplies,” she says. After conversations with her family, she decided to share her passion for the craft in a different way: by opening a yarn store.

Smith opened Sun Dragon in August of 2017. The store sells a variety of weights and fibers of yarn as well as other art supplies. “In the yarns I select, I look for both quality and a range of price points for different budgets,” Smith says. Smith also tries to to create a warm, welcoming environment for crafters by hosting several open stitch times through the week. “Sun Dragon is here for all knitters, crocheters and artists, regardless of experience level,” she says. “We are proud of the community that people find here.”

Sun Dragon Art & Fiber is located at 43 South Broad Street, Suite 102, in Brevard. For more information, visit, call the store at 828.877.3550 or find Sun Dragon Art & Fiber on Facebook and Instagram.

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