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Corner Station Olive Oil Company

Corner Station Olive Oil Company

Corner Station Olive Oil Co. offers more than 75 varieties of olive oils and balsamic vinegars, all of which are available to sample at its tasting table

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By Natasha Anderson

There’s an argument to be made for indulging in ‘sinful’ foods on occasion. There is even an argument to be made for eliminating terms like ‘sinful’ and ‘virtuous’ from discussions about food in the first place. But if we’re going to go there, it should be said that there is a special kind of pleasure in eating something that feels decadent, but isn’t. For many, high-quality extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars fall into this category.

Both have potential health benefits including improvements in cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin sensitivity and both can elevate a meal from merely good to gourmet.

“Our clientele is health conscious and seeking both quality of flavor and nutritional benefits,” says Cathey Bolton, co-founder of Corner Station Olive Oil Company, in Waynesville. “They want a high-grade oil to cook with as well as to enjoy on salads and in marinades.”

Olive oil is predominantly made up of monounsaturated fat, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and have favorable effects on various disease states.

In addition to providing ultra-pure extra virgin olive oil that exceeds USDA standards, Corner Station staffers are happy to educate customers about health findings related to their products and what to look for when selecting an oil. Freshness, which is key to ensuring maximum nutritional benefits and flavor, is determined by the crush date, which is listed on all of the company’s extra virgin olive oils along with the polyphenol or antioxidant level, free fatty acid, oleic acid and peroxide value and the country of origin.

“We want people to know about the exceptional quality of our products as well as how to use them in food preparations and recipes,” says Bolton.

Corner Station specializes in dark and white barrel-aged balsamic vinegars certified to come from Modena, Italy; and flavor-infused olive oils and vinegars made with all-natural ingredients. Popular flavors include lemon, blood orange and Tuscan herb oils and dark chocolate, espresso, and cranberry-pear flavored balsamics. An ever-expanding selection of antioxidant-rich olive leaf teas, spices, cheeses and locally sourced products, including a wide selection of handcrafted pottery made by Bolton, are also available.

Corner Station Olive Oil Company opened in May 2018 at 224 Branner Avenue, Waynesville. Bolton anticipates moving to the permanent location at 136 Depot Street in Spring 2019.

For more information or to shop online, visit The information displayed is strictly for educational purpose and is not intended to replace professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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