The Laurel of Asheville Launches New Podcasts

Artist Maureen Scullin and The Laurel’s Pamela Pyms.

Artist Maureen Scullin and The Laurel’s Pamela Pyms.

The Laurel of Asheville is pleased to announce a new addition to our coverage. Now, along with the print and digital magazines, The Laurel will offer additional content in the form of podcasts, seven-to fifteen-minute conversations that will supplement our articles, events and advertisements. Long a supporter of artists, educators, nonprofits and other businesses servicing the nine counties in its distribution area, The Laurel will now offer a format that allows readers to become listeners. Staff member Pamela Pyms will host the dialogues, bringing to life the people behind the ads and articles.

The idea germinated from our Shop Talks, where we try to get to know the person behind the business. With space constraints, however, these pieces are necessarily brief. On many occasions our writers must omit interesting pieces of the conversation, including personal stories they would like to share. With podcasts, we can share more fully and also give our advertisers a voice.

This month, Pam talked to artists Maureen Scullin and Christopher Peterson about their backgrounds and their passions. Listen now at TheLaurelofAsheville.com/category/podcasts.

For more information, or to submit your idea for a podcast, email Pamela Pyms at Pam@thelaurelofasheville.com.

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