Book Feature: See, There He Is

See, There He Is by Ginger Graziano

See, There He Is by Ginger Graziano

Despite having no job or plan, Ginger Graziano was determined to create a new life for herself and her two children in the 1970s when she took them and left her marriage. Years later, in 1993, when her son Jeremy was 19 years old, he passed away from an aggressive brain tumor. Ginger explores her personal journey through loss and grief in her memoir See, There He Is. At the same time, she also shares a universal story of growth and transformation with the message of: Yes, you can heal. Yes, you can continue your journey, never forgetting what has occurred to change you.

The story is told through flashbacks and multiple perspectives, and covers primarily the decade between 1991 and 2001, the year she moved to Asheville. “Jeremy’s death, while at first seemed only negative, has in the passing years shown me that it was a gift, if I could only open it,” Ginger told The Laurel. “I would not be who I am today without that seminal part of my life.”

Poet Katherine Soniat, author of Bright Stranger, calls the book “a unique story only one woman can tell, and only once.” Ginger is a professional graphic designer, writer, ceramic sculptor, poet, and energy healer. She lives in Asheville with her husband and two parakeets. This is her first book.

See, There He Is, nonfiction, 2015, softcover, $15, by Ginger Graziano, and published by Free Bird Press, Asheville.

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