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2022 Winter Wedding Guide: Plays in Mud Pottery Offers Wedding Party Classes, Gifts

Plays in Mud Pottery. Kelsey Schissel, artist

By Gina Malone

Colorful, sturdy pottery—beautiful and functional—makes as striking a display on a wedding table as fine china and crystal—and it’s a lot more fun! Kelsey Schissel of Plays in Mud Pottery offers a wide range of creatively designed pieces for gifts and décor, as well as ongoing classes that let wedding party members make their own pottery pieces under Schissel’s expert direction. “Participants will make at least four pieces of pottery,” says Schissel. “I will then fire and glaze the pieces and ship them to the participants.”

Many of Schissel’s own creations make wonderful gifts for the couple or contributions to a wedding reception, including custom place settings, groomsmen’s gifts of shot glasses, bridesmaid’s gifts of ring holders or small bud vases, wine chillers and wine glasses, coffee mugs and sake sets. For pieces chosen as gifts for members of the wedding party, Schissel can inscribe the wedding date on the bottoms of the items.

Couples can also register with Plays in Mud. “In the past, wedding parties have registered with me for place settings,” says Schissel. “This is really fun because each item can have a personalized inscription on the bottom from the person gifting. Custom orders are very thoughtful and stand out as a memorable gift.”

Schissel has also worked with couples to create unique wedding favors such as pint glasses with the bride and groom’s names and the wedding date on the bottom.

To learn more or see online offerings, visit To register for bridal party classes, visit the website and click on Pottery Classes. Plays in Mud Pottery is located at 735C Haywood Road in West Asheville.

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