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A Diversity of Artists & Media at Momentum Gallery

Flowers to Die For. Rachel Campbell, artist

Four exhibitions at Momentum Gallery this fall, all on display through November 11, highlight Samantha Bates, Rachel Campbell, Vicki Grant, and Christian Burchard and Kristy Kún.

Bates has been represented at Momentum Gallery since its opening in 2017. This will be her third solo show at the gallery. “The work of this show is rooted in the land,” she says, “in the memories we make there, the sanctuaries we seek out and the moments that take us by surprise.” The exhibition will include quilting, weaving and many mark-making techniques. “The pieces hope for a longer kind of looking, and reward extensive time with an unfolding experience,” she says.

Christian Burchard and Kristy Kún, artists

Grant’s textured ceramic forms are defined by rich tones, sometimes featuring other materials like beads, crystals and natural objects. “This year I have been working on a new series, Celestial Landscapes, which adds another dimension to my work by allowing large groupings of various sizes, designs and colors to be placed on the wall for a total composition,” she says. This exhibition will also feature works from Grant’s Woodland Harmony series.

Sculptors Christian Burchard and Kristy Kún present a joint exhibition at Momentum Gallery this fall, featuring Burchard’s woodwork alongside Kún’s hand-felted fiber pieces. There will also be collaborative works by the pair. “Even though our materials are so very different,” says Burchard, “we both work with fibers: wood and wool. It has been a surprise even for us how well these materials work together and how similar our approaches are. A good combination of hard and soft materials, with a focus on movement and fluidity.”

Near Shore. Samantha Bates, artist

Campbell’s solo show will feature her stylized realism paintings. Using a liberal color palette and loose brushwork, Campbell renders landscapes, home interiors and scenes that highlight the beauty in the ordinary. “My work at Momentum arises out of my gratitude for the quiet beauty that surrounds me in the everyday moments,” she says. “Each painting is a visual poem about the ordinary things of life. My hope is that these works will invite viewers, through my distinctive use of color, line and composition, into the moments that I want to capture and to celebrate. Life is too short to be miserable.”

Momentum Gallery is located at 52 Broadway Street, Asheville. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, 12–5 p.m. To learn more, call 828.505.8550 or visit

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