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About Clouds at Art MoB in November

Gonna be A Sunny Day. Al Junek, artist

Art MoB Studios and Marketplace will highlight artist Al Junek for the November installment of Artist and Blooms. About Clouds will exhibit Junek’s watercolor paintings of clouds along with a floral bouquet by Simone Wood and poetry by Tara Eschenroeder. “I am fascinated by the ever-changing shapes and moods created as clouds move across the sky,” says Junek. “I wanted to do a series of paintings which would emphasize clouds and challenge me to paint those ever-changing shapes within. I use a pouring process and/or large brush to create subtle gradations in the sky or scenes set in fog or mist. I love the way a color runs through a highly wetted paper to blend with other colors already on the surface.”

An acclaimed yoga instructor, Eschenroeder has self-published two books and hopes her contributions to About Clouds will help ground viewers in the present. “It is my intention to allow the words that are displayed with the studio art and floral bouquet to speak to the recipient in whatever way they are needing to receive in that moment,” she says. “May the combination of all three return the recipient to the now moment.”

Art MoB Studios & Marketplace is located at 124 4th Avenue East in Hendersonville. For more information, visit


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