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Art That Celebrates Asheville at AGA in August


Tourists in the Rain. Cheryl Keefer, artist

Asheville Gallery of Art presents Vistas, Vibes and Visitors, an exhibition featuring the work of several member artists around the theme of what they love about Asheville. The show runs through Monday, August 31, from 12–5 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays or by appointment throughout the week. “After recent months of closed doors and quiet streets, we wanted to celebrate Asheville,” says contributing artist Anne Bonnyman. “Vistas, Vibes and Visitors reflects what we love about our city: the beautiful landscapes, the city’s distinctive personality and the visitors who support our arts community.” Bonnyman’s contribution to the show will be an oil-on-canvas work depicting a local tailgate market.

Sue Dolamore will be exhibiting her watercolor Screech Owl. “Owls are creatures who can see clearly in the dark,” she says, “so they remind me that even in the darker hours of our existence, there is the possibility to clearly see the way forward. One might want to give out a screech every once in a while, but they’ll make it.” Dolamore adds that the Vistas, Vibes and Visitors show will offer an opportunity for a celebration of community during a challenging time. “Asheville, like the rest of our world, is going through a pivotal moment,” she says. “Art can be a powerful way to appreciate the best of Asheville today while also inspiring the creation of a beautiful future.”

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