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Artist and Blooms: Bill Abel’s Color-full Journeys

Art Mob: Bill Abel

Shell-fie Selfie. Bill Abel, artist

Art MoB Studios & Marketplace will highlight watercolor artist Bill Abel in Color-full Journeys, the September installment of Artist and Blooms. His work will be complemented by poetry by Diane Ballard and a floral arrangement by Simone Wood of Blue Blossom Floral Apothecary. The show will run through Sunday, September 26.

Abel is known for his portraits of people and pets. He often does commission projects working from photographs. For these, he usually spends a full day on a sketch and several weeks painting. “I love the way Bill connects with his commission clients to paint so personally with the subjects,” says Michele Sparks, owner of Art MoB.

Abel began using watercolors as a child and appreciates the clean, portable nature of the medium. “I think I also love the dynamic and mysterious way that watercolor behaves,” he says.“I’m using color more spontaneously and by instinct for this show—a nice, wet process and a lot of mixing right on the paper. Also, there is minimal drawing before I begin to paint. Working this way has been fun and rewarding.”

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